Monitoring sensors for bee hives

Monitoring sensors for hives are complex systems for collection, distribution and processing of data from bee hives. They consist of:


Placed between the bottom board of the hive and it’s stand, so it can effectively measure the hives complete weight including it’s bottom board, deep hive body and frames. This part is presently connected by a lead with it’s transmitter, everything else is wireless.


Placed directly into the entrance reducer of the hive or between the frames. It scans audio tracks, humidity and temperature changes inside the hive or in it’s vicinity, depending on where you place it.

Data transmitter

This is the central part of the whole system. It collects and transmits data from the sensors regularly and sends them to our server. It also powers the system with energy.

The app

Summary of all collected data, their continuous development and history of the happenings in the hive. It sends a complete summary of what has been going on by sms/e-mail once a week.

Thanks to hive monitoring systems you can recognize:

The installation of the monitoring sensors

What is the point of hive sensors?

We collect data from all hives, where sensors are placed and process them. We are able to establish similarities in the data and we teach the program to analyze them. In the future the program will be able to independently read the happenings in the hive and notify the bee keeper through the app. For this to happen we need to have enough data.
Will you help us by collecting the data from your hive? You will only need one set – sensor, scale and transmitter.

How much does it cost?

For monitoring a larger number of hives you can build your own variation according to your needs and choose how many
scales, sensors and transmitters you’ll need.

  • If your bee colonies are of the same quantity, you will only need one scale. However if
    you want to be sure, it is best to buy two. One of them will then act as a control scale.
    The price of one scale is 258€.
  • You can place the sensor between the deep hive body and scan the temperature inside the hive, or place it in the entrance reducer and scan the temperature in the vicinity of the hive. It is up to you to decide, which information has more value to you. These two
    options can be combined and one hive can be equipped with two sensors.
    The price of one sensor is 105€.
  • A single transmitter (Hub) can be connected to up to five scales and unlimited number of
    The price of one transmitter is 372€.