We are geeks in love with bees

It makes sense for us to use information technology for the benefit of nature and to look for ways to help bees in general and help them not to die in such large numbers.

There are six of us


A teacher of beekeeping and a beekeeper through education and practice (since 2008), leads the entire Forsage team, is professionally responsible for the project, and in the IT world manages development teams that deal with analysis and data processing.


The team sunshine and our project manager, she manages communication and PR, she has the respect of five IT guys and holds the corporate bee project under her thumb.


He designs how the program and the whole device should work, and ensures that this happens in practice. In the IT world he does the design architecture for hardware and software and the implementation of the device.


He ensures that data are sent to our servers without any problems, and takes care of application development. In the IT world he is a software developer in the field of data analytics.


He turns enormous amounts of data and numbers into understandable graphs and images, solves sound processing and graphics. In the IT world makes a doctorate in data visualization in bioinformatics with an overlap into machine learning.


He takes care of our servers and the smooth flow of data, teaches the program to recognize what is happening in the data and takes care of application development. In the IT world he is a developer of information systems and web platforms for displaying data.

The goodnight story about Forsage

Collection on Hithit

February 2020

We launched a crowdfunding campaign on Czech platform Hithit and raised money to collect and analyze data from the hives. We were supported by over 400 people and we managed to double our initial goal twice. Almost 350,000 were collected and it turned out that people really care about bees.

Climate Challenge

January 2020

We won the Climate Challenge program and won the jury award and the audience award. Out of ten projects, we were selected as the one with the best environmental impact. That made us very happy. #doingitforbees

Preparations for the 1st sales wave

December 2019

We had a sales prototype, we tightened and fine-tuned the details. We locked ourselves in one room for a week, invited beekeepers and our very first customer and found out what else to improve. We were preparing for the first sales wave.


September 2019

Once every two years, the only worldwide beekeeping conference is held – Apimondia. We had the honor to present our first versions of ​​sensors for beehives abroad. We left Canada even more motivated to lean into it as we got very positive feedback there.

EIT Food Innovation Prize

August 2019

We won second place in the competition for innovators in the field of agriculture. We received an award from the European EIT and a prize of € 5,000. Our team was already in full force.

Google Startups Academy

April 2019

We are excited and we want to grow. We have joined an educational program from Google and the Impact Hub for beginning technology startups.

100-Day Challenge


An acceleration programme held in Prague. We learned how to turn an idea into a real company. We spent tons of evenings together and brought Martin to the party. If we work for bees, let us also have beekeepers, not only IT guys. Soňa trained us in this acceleration program. We won the final competition held with startups from all over the republic competing, and we also won Sona’s heart and she joined the team after the acceleration.

Honeywell IoT hackathon


A programming competition where the idea of ​​sensors for beehives was born. The boys programmed and Martin shared beekeeping wisdom. We won and our name was Forsáž. Just because it was a weird word we heard somewhere, and we found it funny so we used it like that. #IThumour

So far only Czech press is writing about us. If you can help us with this, we are awaiting for you.