Configure Monitoring System


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  • The transmitter only needs to be one for your site.
  • Use the following battery life for a maximum of 5 scales and 10 sensors per transmitter on site.
  • If you buy a subscription tariff for a sim card, you will automatically receive a ready-made functional sim card in the port. When the prepaid tariff expires, you only need to top it up with us. But if you want, you can buy your own sim card and set it up to the carriers yourself, we will advise you how.
  • This year’s delivery waves are already sold out and we will deliver the next wave in the beginning of the next European beekeeping season. So you can expect your Forsage bee kit approximately in March 2021.

What is the point of sensors in beehives?

  • We collect data from all hives where our sensors are and evaluate them.
  • We can find connections in the data and teach the program to analyze them.
  • In the future, the program will be able to read what is happening in the hive and alert the beekeeper through the application. We need enough data for that.
  • Will you help us and start collecting them from the hives too? One set is enough for this - sensor, weight and transmitter. #doitforbees
  • The transmitter collects data from scales and sensors and sends it to our server. You can already see them directly in your application or on your computer. It communicates with scales and sensors via Bluetooth. We do not recommend connecting more than 5 scales and 10 sensors to one transmitter due to the battery life.
  • The scale is simply placed between the bottom board and the hive stand. The frame size 39 × 24 and Langstroth can easily fit on it. However, it is not a problem to place a home-made wooden board on the scales for other dimensions, which will simply increase the area. It gets energy from the transmitter. In development, we tested piles of types of coatings, materials and structures. We care a lot about our scale, we don’t want it to be a piece of something that will soon be unusable. We guarantee that it will last longer than ordinary consumer electronics. And if not, we are on the email and phone and we will solve all problems together. With this weight you are in our beekeeping family and that is exactly how we will take care of you.
  • We have the background for these sensors from the Finnish company Ruuvi, which has been on the market for many years and has the best reviews from the makers community (enthusiasts for personal modifications, not only custom hardware). We made our own program and adjustments and we pack it in this in pure white sensor, without printing, glue or other chemicals. The same goes for the transmitter and the scales. We stand behind our goods and we know that it is a functional and durable piece. And if it doesn’t work for you as it should, we’re just one email or phone call away, nothing stops us from resolving any of your issues 🙂
  • If you have other questions, we’re pretty confident that we have answered them in the Frequently asked questions. And if not, we will be more than happy to answer them directly, do not hesitate to write to us.