Do you want to know what is happening inside bee colonies? We do. That’s why we developed sensors into beehives, which collect data and send them into a web application. Therefore a beekeeper exactly knows what do his, or her bees need and how are they. Apart from beekeepers, the data is an excellent material for researchers and citizen scientists.

Our product, which started it all. The connection between IT and nature in the form of sensors into a beehive, hive scale and hub (which folds the data and sends them to the application). A beekeeper would always have, no matter the distance between him and his bees, the current overview and can plan when to interact and what to do next.

When we wanted to test our product as close to our office as possible, we found a beehive right around the corner in the neighbouring roof. That’s how the thought about the company bees was born. It is a clear shot to use the company honey as a gift for employees and business partners. Single-use sweeteners and other honey with unknown origin will disappear from the kitchenettes. And team building and further education will rise to new levels.

#doitforthebees #beeeducation

Research and public education are naturally following as two remaining pillars. We cooperate with the Mendel University of Brno, and we are preparing the first unified Czech dataset ready to be integrated into the world-leading research movement. We distance ourselves from media presumptions about the increasing bee colony deaths, and we try to gather independent information from our data.

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